By Holaco Publish 26.02.2020

The in-built control system works fully automation with the devices installed as shown in the illustration.

1: Card generator: Play ticket for guests
2: Electronic barrier: Closing open auto barrier bar
3: Protective Guards: Control on-out on the computer screen
4: Card reader: Read and check the turn ticket automatically
5: Computer monitoring system: control software
6: controler: Central communication Control system
7: RFID card reader: UHF distance
8: RFID Card reader: Close distance
9: Camera: Photographing sea car numbers, faces
10: LED table showing information, ticket price,…
11: LED Table Instruction: Auto Direction guide for medium
12: Sound wave sensor, ring from: detecting cars in the parking location, went through the barrier
13: Warning Lamp: Parking area is empty or full
Basically, the parking management system will divide customers in 2 cases: monthly ticket and ticket.
– You are sending monthly tickets: Residents of the building or staff working in the building;
– Guests who send tickets: Guests arriving in the day.

-Automobile Users:
Users of this month will be granted a fixed long range RFID tag on the back of the front windshield on the car, on the card with the encryption of information such as car owner, car number , the validity period of the card…
The image management system allows the car to capture the number of automobile cars at the entrance and exit of the car and store it in the server thanks to the automatic camera system, this image can be used for security purposes later When necessary.
When the car approaches the entrance gate or out, from approximately 4m, the RF card reader receives the signal of the front-mounted RFID tag of the car (driver does not open the glass to swipe the card at the reader) , the card reader will send the server information to check the authentication of the card. At the same time, the camera system will be activated automatically to capture the car’s number of cars, photos are saved with the ID number of the RF card in the system. If it is a valid card, the RF controller will control the open Barrier for the passing automobile.

-Motorcycle Driver: Motorcycle users are given the near distance RFID card (≈ 40cm).
Users coming near the card reader, swipe the card into the reader, if the card is valid then the card reader will control the barrier to the employee passing. At the same time, the camera is activated for photographing the sea of motorcycles, photos are saved to computer-managed images, this image is used for security purposes.

-Auto identification of the marine number: the user to swipe the card into the card reader at the exit, and the camera is activated to capture the car’s sea at this exit. On the surveillance computer, the number of sea pictures captured at the entrance and exit will be displayed simultaneously on the Computer Management, the computer will compare the number of the sea at the time and the time out if the card is valid, the card reader barrier opening control to the employee Out. If the data is invalid, the system will warn the fake card or the number of the mismatch, which is convenient for security personnel to check, compare. After the car has passed in Barrie, the touch ring will transmit to Barrie automatically shut down.