By Holaco Publish 26.02.2020

According to statistics, in Vietnam, the number of traffic vehicles circulating on the daily roads grew in recent years. Therefore, the traffic control on increasingly difficult routes. The CCTV solution used in traffic monitoring has met the needs of the transportation industry in Vietnam.


+ Help monitor traffic flow on easier routes
+ Fast detection and fast handling of traffic incidents anywhere in the control area
+ Fast detection and processing of traffic congestion points
+ Helping to find and handle the cases of efficient traffic violations
+ Saving time and effort examining and reviewing violations

Features of these CCTV solutions are the use of cameras used for outdoors, with high heat resistance, moisture resistance, and impact resistance. The image quality returns through the compressor and decrypts the clarity, can scan, zoom to the number and clear the person, making the monitoring highly efficient. Along with the development of science and technology, the cameras are produced in accordance with the high requirements for outdoor use, which guarantees to be the best approach for traffic surveillance on the routes.