By Holaco Publish 26.02.2020

The hotel, the guest house is a building with many bedrooms equipped with the equipment, amenities, specialized furniture for the purpose of business, catering services and other complementary services… Should the installation of CCTV hotel, the property is very necessary for the hotel manager, vacation


– Improve professional service quality:
Managers, executives supervise the entire activity of the guest House as the right attitude of service of the hotel house yet, arranging guests, arranging room, call map, staff, problems arising in the hotel holiday… Through CCTV systems. Employees who are not self-enlightened and incorrectly prescribed by the hotel or guest house need to be monitored directly, reminders promptly.

– Save time and cost:
Managers need not take a long time to run directly at the guest house or hotel, but just at the central management Room can see all the activities of the hotel or guesthouse via the observation Camea screen but still ensure flexible and timely adjustment issues.

– Protection of Assets & observations 24/24:
With the recording feature and continuous day-night operation will help, we review the CCTV images as needed and protect the property of guests as well as the hotel or vacation homes that avoid loss and theft.

– Observe the activity of the hotel anytime, anywhere:
You are always proactive in terms of time and geographical distance, can observe your hotel, guest house on the phone or computer anywhere if there is an Internet connection. You can be assured of business travel without worrying much about not managing employees directly, you can quickly detect the extraordinary events taking place in the hotel, do not affect the privacy of customers but still ensure the resolution of the event as soon as possible. You can also review previously created images as needed by our dedicated recording devices with high image quality, or directly supervise your hotel or guest house via the Internet and via mobile phone with dedicated camera software, just your phone has a Wifi connection or 3G in case you have to go to work away.